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JIMS new Damage Control engine failure detection system

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JIMS USAからエンジンオイル内の鉄粉などの金属片が規定量以上になった場合にLEDで知らせてくれるJIMS Damage Control Kitを新しくリリースしました。取り付けも簡単で純正のオイルドレインプラグとキット付属のセンサー付きドレインプラグに交換するだけです。仕上げは、クロームとブラックの2種類があります。詳しくは、JIMS USAまで。

JIMS new Damage Control engine failure detection system provides an early warning of catastrophic engine failure by detecting ferrous debris within an engine’s oiling system.  Using state of the art technology, the special drain plug monitors ferrous particles in the motor oil.  When the amount of particles in the oil reach a level that could indicate impending trouble, the LED warning light illuminates in the handlebar clamp alerting you to investigate the trouble.  Since engine destruction rarely happens suddenly, an early warning can potentially save thousands of dollars in repair costs.

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