LegUp LandinGear – Generation II



Chopper Designの”LegUp”がマーケットに登場してから既に6年以上経っています。この度、ジェネレーション2として改良版を新しく発表しました。新しいLegUpは、お客様からのフィードバックをもとに更に改良し、不安定な徐行などの低速走行でバランスを崩さないように安定して走行できる補助装置となっています。詳しくは、Chopper Designまで。

Over Six years ago, Chopper Design introduced the original LegUp™ LandinGear system. Since then thousands of riders have been helped by it’s ability to stabilize their bikes at slow speeds. Today we are happy to introduce ‘GENERATION II’; an entirely new design for some of the models our original system was designed for! As time went on, we found customers who needed more than our original design could offer. They almost needed complete support, but only when riding slowly or at a stop. GENII has been designed to answer those needs! The new system features independent wheels to handle tricky terrain, and it’s power is pneumatic, rather than electrical, making it significantly stronger than it’s younger brother. An on-board compressor and a captive air tank, makes this system amazing to watch! The wheels still deploy and retract based on wheel speed, but with the .25 second deployment time, we are able to bring the wheels down at 5 MPH, rather than 9 MPH, making it more comfortable for the rider. An onboard computer controls everything, and a Handlebar switch housing with LEDS allows the rider to communicate with the system and allows the system to talk back!