Centramatic – On Board Motorcycle Balancers

セントラマティック社からハーレー用のオンボードオートマチックバランサーが新しくリリースされています。バランサーが組み込まれたプレートをホイールに取り付けるだけで自動的にホイールバランスを修正します。タイヤの磨耗を減少させ、寿命を延ばします。振動を減少、ハンドリングの安定、ブレーキングの向上、タイヤ温度の上昇を抑えたり、ロングツーリングでのライダーへの疲労を軽減させると、良い事尽くめです。 お問い合わせはCentramaticまで。
Automatically Balance Your Tires While You Ride!On Board Motorcycle Balancers For Your Harley Davidson.Centramatic has been the world leader in On Board Wheel Balancing since 1985. Class 8 trucking, RV’s and Military applications have been our area of expertise. NOW we have taken the application a step further.We have developed on board wheel balancing for Harley Davidson.
What are the benefits to On Board Wheel Balancing on a motorcycle?
Longer tire life up to 35 to 50%
Lower tire temperatures 10 to 15%
Improved braking
Increased stability
Reduced vibration
Reduced driver and rider fatigue on long trips
Increased tire footprint and grip in turns
If you ever thought your motorcycle couldn’t ride any smoother … now it can with Centramatic Balancers! More details at Centramatic.