Motor Trike – Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System

トライクマニュファクチャーのMotor Trikeからワイヤレスタイヤプレッシャーモニタリングシステムを新しくリリースしました。タイヤの空気圧や温度をモニタリング出来るので、タイヤの状態を常に把握できます。タイヤを最適な状態に保つ事で、早期摩耗の軽減、操作性の向上、燃費の向上に繋がります。詳しくは、Motor Trikeまで。

Motor Trike, Inc. is the sole provider of the TireGard Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System for trikes. This system continually monitors tire pressure and temperature of the three tires on a trike. All three readings are present on a digital key fob which allows the rider to set ranges of acceptable tire pressure and temperature. These features help the driver keep the tires within the manufacturer’s recommendations. Maintaining proper tire pressure can reduce the risk of a flat tire, yield better fuel economy, reduce tread wear, and improve vehicle handling.  Please contact Motor Trike for details.